A Transfer Story

Guest writer Rosie G.

In July 2010, my husband and I found out we were pregnant with our first baby. My best friend at the time had previously delivered her baby with the assistance of her midwife in her home. I had never really pictured myself giving birth anywhere other than in a hospital. My husband and I were curious to know more about the type of birthing experiences a midwife could provide. We did some research and found the perfect duo who at the time were at the San Antonio Birth Center.  Jenny and Christy welcomed us with open arms. They made us feel safe and informed. They were always honest and open during our visits. Every visit was like going to see a friend because Jenny was genuinely interested in how things were going in our daily lives. My pregnancy went well and I really enjoyed all my visits.

On April 4, 2011 I started having contractions few and far between. I remember thinking, man this is nothing. Boy was I wrong! All through the night my husband and my mom alternated rubbing my back as the contractions grew closer and stronger. By the morning of April 5, 2011, I was 41 weeks pregnant and so ready to deliver my baby boy at the birth center. I was looking forward to my water birth experience we had been planning for. It was a scary and exciting time in our lives, but Jenny was there to guide us into parenthood. Throughout our time at the birth center, we moved into different positions and areas of the room, trying to find the most comfortable position for me. As the hours went on, Jenny noticed my labor was not progressing. She always had our best interest at heart, so she recommended we head to the hospital just to be safe. I had already been in labor for so long and my baby was not moving down. Although I was disappointed I didn’t get to deliver my baby at the birth center, I knew I could trust Jenny’s best judgement. When we arrived at the hospital, we were greeted by Jenny and checked in to the maternity ward. Jenny was with me through it all, from the moment we arrived at the birth center until the moment we were told my baby was in distress and we would need to prepare for an emergency C-section. My husband and I were devastated, but we knew getting our baby out safely was our ultimate goal. We shed some tears, but Jenny reassured us we were doing what was best for us all. I remember feeling so scared. The operating room was brightly lit with white painted walls and I was just shivering from all the stuff they gave me in preparation for surgery. I remembered all the reasons why we wanted nothing to do with the hospital. Once they start trying to speed up your labor, it causes the baby’s heart to go into distress and then they have to deliver via C-section. At 9:40 pm, I delivered a healthy baby boy we named Ari Enzo. After I was sent to recovery, Jenny came to check on me and say her goodbyes so I could rest. I was so grateful to have such an awesome person to guide me into motherhood. I am forever grateful for my midwife experience. Because I had a C-section, my OBGYN would not deliver my second baby and it was too late by the time I heard about a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-sec). While my first birth experience was traumatizing for me, Jenny was always there for me when I needed her. I was sad to not have a reason to visit with her anymore once we were done with all our follow-up visits, but we’ve kept in touch all these years later. It’s hard to believe my Ari Enzo just turned 8!! If you’re looking for a warm and genuine birth experience, Jenny and Christy are the ones you’ve been searching for.

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