Welcome! Clarksville Midwifery is a CNM and CPM team who specialize in low risk pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. We offer home birth services to families who live within an hours drive of Clarksville, TN. Christy and Jenny are nationally certified midwives who have practiced together for more than 13 years. For more information go check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/clarksvillemidwifery/.

Services We Offer

The Clarksville Midwives are here to bring compassionate individualized midwifery care to you. Now offering prenatal care, labor, homebirth, postpartum, and newborn care.

Do you take insurance? 
YES! We are in-network with most Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, Cigna, and Aetna.  Unfortunately we are NOT able to accept Medicaid (TennCare), Medicare, TRICARE or MARKET PLACE plans. Each insurance company offers different plans that varies from person to person. The fastest way to know if we are in-network with your insurance plan and what your maternity benefits are is to call the number on the back of your card and ask them. We try to work with everyone’s financial situation and offer flexible interest free payment plans.

How much do your services cost out of pocket?

The total cost of care is approximately $7500 if we bill for every visit, the birth and the postpartum care for you can your baby.

BUT if we are not in-network with your insurance company or you are uninsured we offer a sliding fee scale based on your gross monthly household income (before taxes are taken out). Because the sliding scale fee is income based, the total price will vary from family to family. The sliding scale fees range from $4000 up to $5000. Basically if you add your total household monthly income before taxes together and it falls between $4000 and $5000 that is what you pay! If the total is less than $4000 a month the cost would be $4000. If the total is more than $5000 a month then we discount your cost to $5000. We try to work with everyone by offering reasonable interest free payment plans upon request. This is a discount of $2500  to $3500 off the cost of your care when you bundle your care together with your prenatals, birth, and postpartum care.

Do you take Tricare?
Unfortunately no. As a mixed CNM/CPM team Tricare will not cover our services. We do offer a sliding scale for our families that is based on your gross monthly household income before taxes. If the total monthly household income before taxes falls between $4000 and $5000 that is what you pay! If the total is less than$4000 a month  then the cost would be $4000 . If the total is more than $5000 a month  then your cost is $5000. We offer payment plans so that you can make regular payments up to 36 weeks of pregnancy. This is a discount of $2500  to $3500 off the cost of your care when you bundle your care together with your prenatals, birth, and postpartum care.

If you would like to see Tricare coverage for all midwifery services, please contact Tricare and your local Congress person to ask for changes to Tricare policy.

Prenatal Care
Prenatal care is a time to get to know one another. At our initial visit, we will do a thorough history to determine your risk factors, make a plan for your care, and discuss how best to meet your needs. You can still access all of the standard options for pregnancy screening (such as labs and ultrasound) when planning an out of hospital birth. In fact, this is part of our ongoing risk assessment during your pregnancy. Our goal is to help you have a healthy pregnancy and birth. Occasionally this may include referral to another provider, or a change of plan for place of birth.

Prenatal care is provided at our office on the standard pregnancy schedule. We meet for monthly visits until 32 weeks, visits every other week until 38 weeks, and weekly visits thereafter. Also included is a 36-week home visit.

Labor and Birth
The Clarksville Midwives currently provide homebirth services within an hours drive of Clarksville, Tennessee. When you labor and birth in your own environment we will bring our supplies. Afterwards we will clean up, tuck you in to spend time with your newborn.

Postpartum & Newborn Care
Postpartum and newborn care is provided in your home and at our office. Your midwives will file your newborn’s birth certificate and you can obtain a copy from the Tennessee Office of Vital Records or the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics in person, online, or by mail. We provide all of the state mandated newborn services including Vitamin K & Erythromycin at birth, as well as newborn screening, and CCHD screening at your follow up visit. Your newborn will be referred for a hearing screen. Postpartum is the “4th trimester” and it is a time of growing and learning for you and your newly expanded family. We are here to support you and connect you with the resources you need to successfully navigate this time.

About Us

Midwives: Jenny and Christy

Jenny and her husband Chip grew up together in rural Western New York. They married soon after high school and had three beautiful girls together. They proudly served as an active duty military family for over 20 years and retired in Clarksville, TN in 2017. In her spare time Jenny loves riding her motorcycle and tent camping, which she often combines into epic adventures with her husband.


Christy has always had a heart for pregnant people and babies. She grew up at a nursing school overseas and was surrounded by young nursing students who served the women and families in one of the most fertile countries in the world. Christy gained a love of cooking from her family. In her spare time, you can often find her in the kitchen creating amazing meals for the people she loves.


After meeting a midwifery student as a teenager, Christy’s heart was set on becoming a midwife. Christy pursued a nursing degree after high school. She met Jenny when she went to massage school in 2007 in preparation for midwifery school. They became fast friends and often discussed their hopes and dreams for the future. As Christy shared her desire to become a midwife Jenny learned for the first time of low intervention pregnancy and birth options for low risk individuals. As Christy spoke Jenny knew she had found her calling too. They both enrolled into midwifery programs and have been practicing side by side ever since.

Through the years they have practiced midwifery together in Texas, Washington, and now Tennessee and Kentucky, and they have served hundreds of families in both homebirth and birth center settings. They are looking forward to making Clarksville, TN their forever home and serving  families for many years to come.

Jenny Fardink

Academy for Massage Therapy Training (2007-2008) Massage, Trigger Point & Doula Training
Association of Texas Midwives Training Program (2008-2010)
Apprenticeship at The San Antonio Birth Center (2008-2010)
Midwives College of Utah (MEAC accredited school) (2013-2018) Bachelor’s of Science in Midwifery

Work Experience
Yuma Proving Grounds Chapel – Protestant Education Coordinator
San Antonio Birth Center – Contract Midwife
Tree of Life Midwives Home Birth Practice – Owner/Midwife
Association of Texas Midwives Training Program – Education Assistant and Grader
Around the Circle Midwifery & The Birth House – Birth Assistant
Clarksville Midwifery – Owner/Midwife

Volunteer Service & Awards
Mary E. Walker Award Recipient – Fort Drum, NY
Volunteer of the Year – Yuma Proving Grounds, AZ
Association of Texas Midwives Board & Region 6 Representative
American Association of Birth Centers (AABC)- Program Committee Chair
Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC) – Commissioner
Kentucky CPM Advisory Council – Board Member

Licensure & Training
Tennessee Midwifery License # 79
Kentucky Midwifery License # 9000010
NARM CPM # 11040006
Healthcare provider AHA CPR
Neonatal Resuscitation

Christy Peterson

University of Mary Hardin-Baylor (2000-2004) Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
Academy for Massage Therapy Training (2007-2008) Massage, Trigger Point & Doula Training
Frontier Nursing University (2009-2011) Master’s of Science in Nursing

Work Experience
Christus Santa Rosa Hospital – San Antonio, TX
Labor and Delivery/Antepartum/High Risk Postpartum Nurse
Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse
San Antonio Birth Center
Birth Assistant and Postpartum Nurse
Office Manager
Tree of Life Midwives – Home Birth Practice Owner/Midwife
Around the Circle Midwifery & The Birth House – Staff Midwife
Tennova Healthcare – Clarksville, TN – Emergency Room Nurse
TriStar Centennial Women’s Hospital – Nashville, TN – OB Hospitalist
Clarksville Midwifery – Owner/Midwife

Volunteer Position
Site Visitor for the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC)
American Association of Birth Centers Board Member – Alternate Director
American Association of Birth Centers Board Member – Director

Licensure & Training
Tennessee RN #220098
Tennessee ARNP #23155
Kentucky APRN #3014479
AMCB Nurse-Midwife Certification # CNM0697
Healthcare Provider CPR
Neonatal Resuscitation
Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support
Pediatric Advanced Life Support

Administrative Extraordinaires: LaCresha and Katie

LaCresha Henry


LaCresha is one of our office administrator. She is originally from Baltimore, MD and came to reside in Clarksville, TN when her father retired here in 1992. She is a dedicated mother, life partner, daughter, sister, and friend. To know LaCresha is to understand she is truly a jack of all trades and is always uplifting. One of her biggest accomplishments was graduating and becoming a licensed aesthetician! Her occupation history has always been in the medical field, which led her to Clarksville Midwifery. As a mother, she loves that she gets the opportunity to connect with her clients and support them in their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. 

Katie Mason 

Katie is our other office administrator. She is a middle TN native that established her home in Clarksville in 2020. She is raising her four children, Lucy, Elliot, Penny and Max, with her husband Matthew. Katie is a huge lover of all things sci-fi-specifically Doctor Who!-and she’s never met a cat she didn’t pspspsps. Growing up, her mother was a labor and delivery nurse which led to a lifelong passion for the pregnancy and birthing journey. After starting as an office administrator at Clarksville Midwifery, she was given the opportunity to grow by additionally serving in the role of birth assistant. Katie feels so much joy to be able to be a small part of someone’s pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey!

Birth Stories

If you have a story that you would like to share please e-mail it to clarksvillemidwifery@gmail.com


Contact Us

Please e-mail us at clarksvillemidwifery@gmail.com to set up a free consultation.

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